Sound Healing Resources


  • John Beaulieu – Human Tuning: Sound Healing With Tuning Forks
  • Herbert Benson, MD – The Relaxation Response
  • Joachim-Ernst Berendt – Nada Brahma: The World is Sound
  • Pat Moffitt Cook – Music Healers of Indigenous Cultures
  • Kay Gardner – Sounding the Inner Landscape: Music as Medicine
  • Mitchell L. Gaynor, MD – The Healing Power of Sound: Recovery from Life-Threatening Illness Using Sound, Voice and Music
  • Jonathan Goldman – The Secrets of Sound Healing
  • Jonathan Goldman – Healing Sounds: The Power of Harmonics
  • Eva Rudy Jansen – Singing Bowls: A Practical Handbook of Instruction and Use
  • Diane Mandle – Ancient Sounds for a New Age: An Introduction to Himalayan Sacred Sound Instruments
  • Silvia Nakkach – Free Your Voice: Awaken to Life Through Singing
  • David Novak, Matt Sakakeeny – Keywords in Sound
  • Pauline Oliveros – Deep Listening: A Composer’s Sound Practice
  • Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche – Tibetan Sound Healing: Seven Guided Practices to Clear Obstacles, Cultivate Positive Qualities, and Uncover Your Inherent Wisdom
  • R. Murray Schafer – The Soundscape: Our Sonic Environment and the Tuning of the World
  • Suren Shrestha – How to Heal with Singing Bowls
  • Christine Stevens, MSW MT-BC – Music Medicine: The Science and Spirit of Healing Yourself With Sound