Sound Immersion

People have been using sound and music for wellness since the dawn of humanity. Every culture has some form of sound immersion, from Tibetan Singing Bowls to Shamanic Medicine Melodies to American Gospel Music.


In addition to the cultural expressions of sound and music, there are physical principles such as Cymatics and Binaural Beats that may be used to bring about positive changes in our health and well being.


I have made my living as a composer and music producer since 1992, and I have always had some sense of the connection between sound and wellness. These connections became crystal clear in 2017 when I earned my certificate in Sound, Voice, and Music in the Healing Arts from The California Institute of Integral Studies.


I have been deeply inspired by the work of Silvia Nakkach, John Beaulieu, and Pat Moffitt Cook. I have also had the great good fortune of performing with and learning from friends and leaders in this field including Silvia Nakkach, Loriel Starr, Barbara Juniper, Karma Moffett, Jeremy Marais, Suellen Primost, Lauren Rose, and Joss Jaffe.


For a video of one of my sound immersion performances please click here.


For a video of a presentation I gave on sound immersion in video games please click here.



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