How to Use Tone Pool

Main Menu

Main Menu Screenshot

Any time you touch the screen, the main menu will appear. There are four buttons across the top of the screen.

From left to right, they are:
Back Button: Hides all buttons
Tone Painter: Opens the customization screen
Tone Poems: Displays ‘Tone Poems’ (presets)
Mute: Silences all audio

If you don’t touch the screen for a while, then all buttons will disappear.

There is a question mark in the lower right hand corner that brings up the built-in help windows. Tap the question mark again to hide the window, or hit the close button.

Load Tone Poem

Tap the Tone Poems button on the top right side to show the Tone Poems that have been saved on your device.

Presets Screenshot

Select from any of the built-in Tone Poems (presets) by clicking on the preset button on the top right side of the screen. Press X to delete a Tone Poem.

Tone Painter

Tap the paint palette on the top left to show the four buttons on the left side. Each button provides unique customization options for your Tone Poem.


Tone Painter Screenshot

Use this to select bowls to drop into the fountain. When the bowls appear along the bottom, you can tap them to hear them, or swipe up to drop them in the fountain. Use the scroll bar at the bottom to see all of the bowls in the library. To remove a bowl, drag it outside of the fountain.


Ambience Screenshot

Tap on an ambience to turn it on. Tap again to turn it off. Set the volume with the fader on the right.


Flow Screenshot

Make the ‘jets’ in the fountain faster or slower. Faster causes more frequent bowl sounds. Turn on dynamic flow (checkbox) to automatically change this value to go slowly back and forth over several minutes.


Fountain Screenshot

Select the material the fountain is made of.

Save Tone Poem

Save Screenshot

Click this button to save your Tone Poem. Saved Tone Poems can be recalled from the Load Tone Poem menu (top right button of the main menu).